You Ever Just Feel…

Empty? Numb? Worthless? That’s been me for the last few months, hence my absence and I’m feeling even more of that at this very moment. So much has happened since I last checked in. I spent the month of July in North Carolina visiting my grandmother and attempted to get my affairs in order but […]

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Forgive My Absence. 

The last month has been completely hectic, my niece graduated from high school on June 15th, but she lives in NJ… and I don’t, so I had to travel there with my family. We were there almost 2 weeks (June 9-20th).  I got to see my older brother and sister, my nephew, my niece whom […]

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I’m Finally Getting It Done!

  Sooooo in my absence I have finally gotten started (with much momentum might I add) writing my book that I am embarrassed to say how long I have procrastinated on.  I made so many excuses about why it wasn’t the proper time to start writing it.  Now I’m proud to say that I have […]

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Good Hearts Fall Apart

  It’s getting increasingly harder for me to live life with such a big heart.  For some reason people get a high off of taking a proverbial sledge hammer to it.  Guarding and paranoia become a part of your life because you get tired of trying to decipher who’s who.  It’s actually exhausting. If I […]

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Gratitude & Goals 

I have picked back up the practice of expressing gratitude and appreciation for what I have so that I may receive more.  I remember a few years ago I used to meditate, express gratitude and practice positivity daily and my life was going a lot smoother.   However, as my life started to get more […]

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Moving On…

Life is what we make it, and I decided I didn’t want to make it an unhappy experience that revolve around those who hurt me and betrayed my trust.  So here’s to the future, cuz we got through the past! From this day forward we have to decide to be the happiest that we can […]

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