Forgive My Absence. 

The last month has been completely hectic, my niece graduated from high school on June 15th, but she lives in NJ… and I don’t, so I had to travel there with my family. We were there almost 2 weeks (June 9-20th).  I got to see my older brother and sister, my nephew, my niece whom none of which I’d seen in over a year and a half and also my new niece (born May 26th) 😍☺️.  My older sister’s bday was on the 11th… we celebrated with close friends and family.

Upon return, I started packing because I’m moving in a little over a month to Atlanta. However, I’m also packing bags for a shorter term trip.  I’m heading to NC to see my grandmother and dad, both of whom I haven’t seen in over a year and a half.  I’ll be staying there roughly a month before I move to Georgia.

As you can see things have been chaotic this month and they won’t be slowing down anytime soon.  I just can’t wait to get settled in Atlanta 😫. I also started writing my novel at the end of last month which I have given myself a deadline for and have taken just as much time off from writing as I have from this blog, because the truth is I’m simply too busy with life stuff at this point to sit down and write.  It’ll have to be pushed back but such is life. But when I get to North Carolina, I will pick back up.  See you then! 



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