I’m Finally Getting It Done!



Sooooo in my absence I have finally gotten started (with much momentum might I add) writing my book that I am embarrassed to say how long I have procrastinated on.  I made so many excuses about why it wasn’t the proper time to start writing it.  Now I’m proud to say that I have pushed all those excuses into the trashcan where they belong!  I discovered a website that allows you to “plan” your writing schedule from start to finish.  It’s called Pacemaker and it’s awesome! It has helped me so much with creating attainable daily goals.  Hearing 80,000 words can be quite overwhelming but when you can see it broken down, it doesn’t seem like so much at all. I have to balance between writing my novel and writing here at Necessarily Naj, but I’m sure it won’t be that tough.  I will reveal details about my book in the future once things come together more.  It’s my first so it’s my baby and I have to nurture it so that it can be great before I present it to the world.  My message for today is to push through any procrastination and obstacles that may be preventing you from moving forward to complete something that you love! Until next time… Get up and be great! You got this!




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