Good Hearts Fall Apart

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It’s getting increasingly harder for me to live life with such a big heart.  For some reason people get a high off of taking a proverbial sledge hammer to it.  Guarding and paranoia become a part of your life because you get tired of trying to decipher who’s who.  It’s actually exhausting. If I was able to just be the giving, nurturing person that I am naturally, life would be much less stressful. I’m sure many of you have had experiences where you gave so much of your heart to the people you cared about only to end up questioning if those people actually value YOU or if it is what you can offer to them.  We live in a world where everyone is on the defense, love is fleeting and selfishness is at an all time high.  It has become the norm to fall into a shallow box of self centeredness.

We are so afraid of being hurt, used, or betrayed that we try to beat everyone we meet to the punch.  Even if you are an extremely kindhearted person, it’s hard to ignore mistreatment.  Life is supposed to be a love-filled experience but the reality is it isn’t and it has gotten worse over time.  I long for the day where many of us who have trust issues and bitterness from experiences in the past can actually lay our guards down and live life unbiased. A GIRL CAN DREAM CAN’T SHE?

Let’s start by letting someone that you care about know how much you appreciate them and be sincere while telling them! I can almost guarantee that it will be received well. Many of us who are givers don’t mind giving, but would love to hear that we are appreciated and not have to guess about it. It’s not looking for praise but more of looking to make sure that we aren’t taken for granted.  We can begin to rebuild ourselves and those around us by just using this simple practice Try it today! Let me know how it goes! Appreciation and Graciousness can take you far!




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