Gratitude & Goals 

I have picked back up the practice of expressing gratitude and appreciation for what I have so that I may receive more.  I remember a few years ago I used to meditate, express gratitude and practice positivity daily and my life was going a lot smoother.

  However, as my life started to get more hectic I slowed and stopped my practices and then it seemed like everything started to fall apart on a consistent basis and my level of stress and anxiety was at an all time high.  “Slowwww down” I told myself;  I needed to actually sit down and re-evaluate my life.  I realized that I had not been expressing my appreciation for what I already have (no matter how small it may seem).

  I have many goals set for my life but I know having a gratitude practice would make the journey much smoother.  I purchased the journal that you see in the picture when I lived out in Los Angeles last year at 99¢ Only and I had never used it because honestly I didn’t know what to write in it.  But I immediately picked it up when I decided to create a gratitude journal because of the beautiful fuschia color with the imperfect gold foil hearts… it kind of reminds me of myself (beautiful, imperfect with a heart of gold).  
I am making a concious effort to write something everyday, no matter how much or how little and to make it specific.  For instance, one of yesterday’s entries was that I was grateful for the nap that I took by the pool because it was so relaxing. I’ve been super stressed, so any moment of relaxation is heavenly for me. I think that a gratitude journal is a great idea for anyone who would like to reflect on where they were at a certain point in life and how much they had to be grateful for in the past. Until the next post, remember to show your appreciation for the little things and you will increase!


Naj 💖


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