Moving On…

Life is what we make it, and I decided I didn’t want to make it an unhappy experience that revolve around those who hurt me and betrayed my trust.  So here’s to the future, cuz we got through the past! From this day forward we have to decide to be the happiest that we can possibly be! I’m telling myself this at the same time.  I have dreams and goals that need me to accomplish them… but how can I do that with my head hanging low?!

I’m amazing! You’re amazing! We’re all amazing! We just need to remember that all the time and BE GREAT! Also remember it’s ok to release emotions, tears and despair but never stay there.  The other day you if you told me I wouldn’t still be numb right now would have rolled my eyes hard at you.  I am actually really good today, I laughed a lot and listened to some great music and talked to some great music; overall I’d say it was a pretty good day.

I plan to take the Nike approach to my goals from now on and “Just Do It”.  I decided not to let procrastination be an obstacle anymore, not to let fear hinder or paralyze me anymore.  I decided to grab life head on and power through. So next up on the agenda is a whooooole lot of research and brainstorming for some ideas that I have for business.  Until next time! Be Great!




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